Creating Courageous Executives, Teams and Organizations Through Compelling Leadership Training Seminars


Why compelling?  Because XperienceU changes how leaders and teams think about work. About collaboration. About Conflict. About Strategy. XperienceU compels leaders and team toward action, toward the change needed to reach a shared vision.  

We created XperienceU after working with executives in large and small corporate settings around the world. As we worked with individuals and teams, certain patterns of need became increasingly clear. We saw that the traditional training response to addressing those needs wasn’t working. People dreaded training. They avoided development, using the excuse of ‘I don’t have time,” but what they really wanted was not to be stuck in a room all day listening to someone rattle on about nothing relevant to their projects, their culture, their aspirations for themselves or their companies.

While we have created leadership training seminars to address specific outcomes, each will be fine-tuned to meet your exact needs or those of your team. Using our signature hands-on approach, we build skills and create space for real-time practice and community building in a highly engaging, experiential and fun learning environment. Our highly-experienced team of experts can help you and your team develop into Courageous Executives and teams who achieve results. 

XperienceU is:

  • Highly Engaging

  • Solution-Focused

  • Experiential learning

  • Results-Driven

  • Fun!


XperienceU is not:

  • ‘Old School’ Training

  • One-way Lectures

  • Role-playing (we promise)

  • Program of the Month

  • Boring