We design leadership training seminars and workshops by asking ourselves, “what would WE want to attend for a day?”  We’ve got a very, very high bar on this- if we are going to go to an ‘all day training,’ it damn well better be good.  Fantastic even. Compelling.

Choose from our workshops below or work with us to design your own.  

Courage as Currency: The 3 Key Practices of Transformational Leaders


The Transformational Leader understands that positioning the right people, doing the right work at the right time is how she or he is called to serve the organization, at the highest level. Transactional Leaders manage process, Transformational Leaders focus on effectively leading, engaging and inspiring human beings at all levels of their organizations.  Participants will formally assess their transformational leadership style using the MLQ5x and highlight areas for improvement, then create specific solution-focused training and self-development plans.

Leading People Through Strengths


Generations of social scientists have known that the fastest, most efficient path to performance improvement lies in encouraging human strengths.  Yet, most performance management tools focus on the slow, and unlikely reparation of weaknesses, demoralizing their people along the way.  This Leading People Through Strengths custom training seminar gives Transformational Leaders the tools to make swift, sustained improvements with individuals and teams.

It is often said that a leader without followers is simply taking a walk.  Executive presence is the cache, the ‘wow’ factor that magnetizes people to follow their leader. How do you ‘show up’ as a courageous executive (or not) amongst colleagues?  In this one day session, we clearly define what executive presence looks like when it’s working, and when it’s not.  Participants develop specific plans for growing their executive presence around a set of Transformational Leadership values, characteristics, and behavior choices that genuinely reflect their individual and authentic executive brand.

Executive Presence: It’s Who You Are, Not What You Wear


No more ‘buts,’ or blaming.  No more whining or excuses. Full accountability is an art, and it requires us to slow down and dissect our habits, patterns and cemented self-concepts.  When transformational leaders and their teams have the courage to accept 100% accountability, they let go of the mindsets behaviors that get in the way of their potential, and become solution-focused- strengthening partnerships, collaboration and accelerating results. Participants will explore their own barriers to taking 100% accountability, then develop a strategy for assuming full accountability for themselves and their actions.

No More Excuses- 100% Accountability in the Real World


It’s time to explore conflict from a thoroughly new vantage point. Move from dreading it, avoiding it, or 'managing' it, to ENGAGING conflict as a tool for more effective interactions, and solution-focused results. This session will explore how transformational leaders can use conflict as a mechanism for strengthening partnerships and taking accountability for creating the lives we want with more clarity, purpose, and determination.  Participants will learn about, then practice models of engaging in courageous and productive conflict at work (and at home!).

Transforming Conflict Into Collaboration

Today’s leaders expect a more intentional, mutually respectful interaction at the negotiating table.  The ‘win-win’ model is often code for a ‘battle of the egos’ and plays out as ‘winner-loser’ in real-time.  It neglects the longer-term, more strategic possibility inherent in every negotiation: Negotiation is a key lever for improved collaboration, breakthrough creativity and strengthened partnerships.  Imagine if our mindset before every key negotiation was, ‘How will this negotiation improve our working partnership?  Strengthen our creativity and innovation? Help us all get even more clear about our goals?’ Participants will learn to use their own personal strengths profile in service more successful everyday, and high stakes negotiations.  They will learn, then practice the Three Key Steps to a Solution-focused Negotiation Process that builds collaboration, and generates outcomes and agreements that people want to keep.

Solution-Focused Negotiation

We’ve become so programmed to think in terms of “right answer” or “wrong answer” that many of our best organizational thinkers are in the habit of leaving their strategic minds at the door, anticipating and responding to incremental issues and challenges.  Got a problem? Fix it.  Have a question?  Answer it. Yet we all know that this type of transactional thinking doesn’t drive the innovation, the creativity that people and systems need to thrive. Join other Transformational Leaders to learn how to think strategically, holistically and with 360 degrees of vision, then apply it with a focus on solution-building and continuous improvement.

Be A Strategic Thinker: Play Chess, Not Checkers

We can safely say the jury’s back, wielding an unfortunate verdict. The work of diversity and inclusion in organizations over the past two decades has largely failed. The danger of sliding backwards is alive and well and calls us anew to action- action that actively weaves together people, culture and sustainable work. Imagine this: a diverse group of high potential, high performers, actively practicing, developing and applying inclusive/transformational leader behaviors and mindsets while working on high impact, high return, solution-focused projects designed to ignite organizational transformation.  

Applied Inclusion leverages the best of what has been learned and moves toward a new level solution- focused, real-time application of our differences at work. During this one day workshop, participants will explore new ways ofthinkingabout human differences, and how to lead through the complexities that our differences bring at work.  Using simulation and real-time project work, people will leave the day with renewed understanding, and an action plan for applying inclusion and diversity in service of accelerating business results.

Differences That Make A Difference:
Applied Inclusion and Diversity In the Real World of Work

Transformational leaders know that when you focus on problems, you get more problems.  Focus on mistakes? You get more mistakes.  Creating an organizational mindset of improvement requires us to shed our fear of accountability, in service of a solution-focused, long-term view of organizational health and outcomes.  Transformational leaders shed their fear of mistakes, and intentionally and openly learn from them.  They share those learnings and use them to constantly improve, and to encourage risk taking in those they lead.  Participants will move past fear of mistakes themselves, and adopt a transformational style of leading people through mistakes as a generator of creativity, process improvement and possibility.

Developing a Continuous Improvement Mindset: Building Agility in Complex, Changing Times

Whether you’re an experienced presenter wanting to fine-tune your skills, a beginning presenter with a bad case of nerves, or fall somewhere in between, Presentation Skills Intensive is for you! In this high energy,  two day interactive workshop, you will develop the competence, confidence and COURAGE you need to prepare and deliver highly effective presentations.

Presentation Skills Intensive

Courageous leadership calls us to a higher level of competence and commitment to serve people and organizations. It calls us to do less, and BE more. It calls us to be COURAGEOUS as women, transformational leaders, team members and human beings, in good and challenging times. During this two day workshop, we will assess, then address where we are today as leaders, and develop next actions to ensure that our organizational and personal goals are solution-focused and reflect our most courageous path to success.

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The 5 Must Do’s of Courageous Women Leaders

It’s a mistake most new managers make- focusing on managing process to earn their stripes, instead of the harder, often less visible solution-focused work of leading people to manage, then improve process. In this two-day workshop, you will learn what you need to know to start off on the right foot with the people you will serve as a Transformational Leader, and help them to help YOU be as courageous and successful as possible in your new role.

New Leader Boot Camp: The 5 Keys to a Great Beginning as a Leader of People

The speed dating model of networking is long outdated.  In a world of constant input, people come together face to face wanting and expecting more than can be accomplished through LinkedIn or Yammer.  They want real, courageous human connection, to hear and speak about the things that matter with new and potential business partners.  In this half day workshop, you’ll learn to build connections, and to use the connections you have to strengthen others’ networks.  You’ll find yourself looking forward to the next networking event, happy to build and grow your circle with a refreshed outlook and solution-focused tools.


Effective Networking to Build your Professional Brand and
Organizational Visibility