Corey Jamison Highlighted as an Inspiring Woman of the Capital Region

Albany, NY- During the month of November, News Channel 10 will profile several Inspiring Women of the Capital Region. Corey Jamison, President & CEO, was highlighted along with the Courageous Women Leaders Community.

Watch Corey Jamison's profile on News Channel 10's website

8 Steps for Transforming Conflict into Collaboration

Why is conflict so hard for us, why IS it such a big deal?  We mostly agree it is part of life, but why do we layer it with such avoidance, such drama?

A big reason we make conflict so hard is that we have it when shouldn’t, and we don’t have it when we should! Why, oh why, do we so readily slide into conflict with our in-laws, but are loathe to raise conflict with our teenaged children when we suspect them of something dangerous, ill-willed or premature?

What to Expect at The 5 Must Do’s of Courageous Women Leaders Workshop

Developed with decades of experience of working with some of the top Fortune 500 Leaders around the world, this session offers leaders, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs an opportunity to slow down and consider what it takes to be a transformational leader, and how to get there.