What IS a Courageous Women Leaders Campsite?

Have you considered attending a Courageous Women Leaders Community Campsite but weren’t quite sure what to expect? Here are the answers to three of the questions we are most frequently asked:

How will this help my business?

Leadership Development
You’ve heard the expression, “what got you here won’t take you to the next level.” The same-old-same-old training events may raise your awareness, but rarely give you the chance to explore and apply what the new skills can mean to you, your deeper development as an entrepreneur or leader of people.

When we slow down to strengthen our professional identity- the core of who we are as people growing and leading professionally, the return on investment is much stronger than simple skills training. You could attend multiple ‘check the box’ training events, and never leave with the kind of internal shifts and new connections that allow you to break through self-imposed barriers and reach unforeseen professional heights.  

Networking and Leads
The Courageous Women Leaders Community is 150+ strong and active. Any member of this community is a networking connection- whether you’ve met in person or not. The commitment to “Help and Be Helped” as one of The 5 Must Do's of Courageous Women Leaders means the community is a source of business leads, new-job/career connections, social and community supporters and mentors.  

The Courageous Women Leaders Community are not the same group of women you see at every event. This is an intersectional group of women, at all levels of organizational life, and with a wide range of experiences as professional women in this region.

What will I learn that I can apply at work?

“The personal is political” was the key slogan of 1960’s feminism, challenging us to live our lives in ways that reflect our political positions, and vice versa. The same can be said for for work- the personal is professional. What powerful, influential and impactful parts of your identity do you ‘check at the door’ when you walk into work, that, if you reclaimed would make you an even more confident, inspiring leader of people? A more courageous, risk-taking entrepreneur? How have you bifurcated yourself into an “at home” person and an “at work” person. How much energy do you waste managing that boundary necessarily?  

The goal of Courageous Women Leaders Campsites is to create opportunities for you to reclaim, remember or be reminded of the courage you need to excel professionally and in all parts of your life.

How will I ‘sell’ this to my boss when it has the word ‘camp’ in it?

"I’d like to attend this event that I believe will help me be more effective and productive at work, and that will connect me with 40 other local, professional women aiming to do the same. When I come back, I would be happy to share three learnings I had about myself, how I can increase my productivity and contribution and/or how I can connect with other professionals and organizations locally. Would you like to have that meeting in the morning or the afternoon?” *Corey making Julie laugh.

We hope you join us at the next Campsite. Visit the Courageous Women Lead page for upcoming dates and registration. 

About CWLC:

The Courageous Women Leaders Community is an intersectional group of women committed to ongoing development of our leadership skills to enhance our work, home and community lives. Learn More.

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