What to Expect at The 5 Must Do’s of Courageous Women Leaders Workshop

The 5-Must Do’s of Courageous Women Leaders is a “must-do” for business leaders. I left knowing where I’m going, how I’m going to get there and with a network of women who have since helped me in enumerable ways and I have been able to help them, too.
— Owner, Media and Marketing Business

“I’ve heard this event will be an outstanding investment in my professional life, but what actually happens over the two days?”

Developed with decades of experience of working with some of the top Fortune 500 Leaders around the world, this session offers leaders, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs an opportunity to slow down and consider what it takes to be a transformational leader, and how to get there.

Transformational leaders know that the real work of a leader is to lead people, not process. When leaders manage process, they micro manage, stifle growth and change and people are not motivated to work, let alone do their best work. When leaders lead people, people are connected to their work and inspired to improve. The possibilities are limitless with a leader who inspires.

Too often we are are inundated with leadership tips, tricks and best practices with no time to practice and integrate those learnings. This small group, 2-day intensive, is designed for participants to have plenty of time to consider, practice and integrate new learnings.  

Built on the science of how we learn, we create space for real-time practice and community building in a highly engaging, experiential and fun learning environment.

We will use these 5 key behaviors of the most successful, transformational, leaders as a guide:

  1. Assume 100% Accountability for Your Choices, Your Circumstances and Your Life.

  2. Use Mistakes as an Unmatched Accelerator.

  3. Help and Be Helped.

  4. Make Conflict Your BFF.

  5. Be Radically Present.   

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