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CWL Campsite: Best Practices of Courageous Women Leaders | Afternoon Event

In a time where many of us are being asked to do more with less, to achieve higher and higher results, it takes courage to be at our best, to be unwavering in our faith in ourselves and one another. To be a true leader of people, and ally to other women. In response to this pressure, it’s easy to double down on ‘doing,’ and less on ‘being.’ Courageous women focus on being, on leading, supporting and lifting up other women, and ourselves. We enCourage one another to get out there and accomplish our dreams, while caring for ourselves.

During this 2-hour high-energy program, we will co-create a space to:

  • Explore how to ‘choose courage’ as a leader, supporter and ally to other women.
  • Discover the ways in which you can practice leading courageously everyday.
  • Meet other women in the Courageous Women Leaders Community and expand your business and social networks.

About CWL Campsites:
Full disclosure: We don’t actually like to camp. The bugs, the (lack of) plumbing, it’s just not our thing. We DO like symbolic camping! We like the notion that as a community of Courageous Women, we come together periodically and leave our busy worlds outside our space. We eat together, and co-create a space where we can talk about things that wouldn’t necessarily come up in the course of our everyday work lives. We are more open, relaxed and can consider more possibilities for ourselves and others than is possible in the midst of our regularly rushed existence. It’s recharging, and opens our potential to achieve and to have a hand in the achievements of others.

When it’s over, we take down the space, making sure we leave it safe for the next campers. We pack up, go back to life and look forward to returning again.

We hope you will join our campsite. You are welcome!