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Courageous Women Leaders: Campsite

A core belief we explore in all XperienceU work is that as humans, we start out life with access to a full range of emotions, behaviors and ways of expressing who we are. As we grow, the world around us gives us implicit and explicit direction to narrow that range.  

“Little girls shouldn’t be so loud!”
“Good girls don’t ...”
“Don’t look so angry, it’s not becoming.”
“Where’s your smile?”

Those messages come from the ‘outside-in,’ and lead to the lifelong work of treating ourselves with love, grace and kindness.

As we age, we begin to narrow our own range by describing ourselves according the roles we play, largely in reference to our relationship(s) with others.

“I work for _____.”
“I’m a wife.”
“I’m an engineer”
“I’m a mother.”
“I’m a teacher or scientist or business owner…”

The more roles we have, the more we shortcut the deeper, more complex elements of who we are as individual human beings because it is easier, less revealing, more inviting of connecting to others by our shared ‘in-role’ experiences.  As we describe ourselves with an ever-increasing number of roles, over time we may forget the essence of who we (really) are.

What is that you have lost, forgotten or tempered, that if you brought it back into your range of behaviors and interactions, you would be even more courageous, powerful, successful? What parts of you need to be reclaimed and put back in action?

Why is this important as powerful, courageous women, making a difference in one another’s lives? Why is this important for us as professional women?

Join us on 12 September to answer these questions, and to connect with other like-minded, courageous and successful women in our business community.


About CWL Campsites:
Full disclosure: We don’t actually like to camp. The bugs, the (lack of) plumbing, it’s just not our thing. We DO like symbolic camping! We like the notion that as a community of Courageous Women, we come together periodically and leave our busy worlds outside our space. We eat together, and co-create a space where we can talk about things that wouldn’t necessarily come up in the course of our everyday work lives. We are more open, relaxed and can consider more possibilities for ourselves and others than is possible in the midst of our regularly rushed existence. It’s recharging, and opens our potential to achieve and to have a hand in the achievements of others.

When it’s over, we take down the space, making sure we leave it safe for the next campers. We pack up, go back to life and look forward to returning again.

We hope you will join our campsite. You are welcome!